Kodokan Judo

Kodokan Judo Coming to Mid-Montgomery County Maryland in July 2007.


I would like to Welcome you to the Goshinkan Judo Club located in Montgomery County Maryland. The club will start accepting students in January 2007.

Why Learn Judo

In Judo (The Gentle Way), judoka (one who practices Judo) learn many techniques and exercises that help develop and strengthen the muscles in the body. It is a great way to get or stay in shape. You will accomplish this through hard work, dedication, and the support of other judoka. We frequently enjoy working out with judoka from clubs around the world as well as new participants to Judo.

So join us at one of our workouts or enroll in the Basic or Intermediate classes.

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Judo Schedule

Basic Class - Mondays 7-8PM
Intermediate/Advanced Class Wednesdays 7-8PM
Workouts (Experienced Judoka Only) Mondays & Wednesdays 8-9PM

History of Judo

The first Kodokan Judo School was founded in Tokyo Japan by Judo's creator Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882. The Kodokan is literally, "the school for studying the way". While studying Judo you will learn the underlying principles of Seriyoku-Zen Yo (maximum efficiency) and Jita-Kyoei (mutual welfare and benefit). Dr. Kano worked diligently throughout his life to get Judo recognized as an international sport.

In 1964 men's Judo competition was added to the Olympics, becoming the first martial art to be recognized as an official medal sport. Of the 16 medals awarded for Judo, Japan won three gold and one silver attesting to the popularity of Judo throughout the world. The 1992 Olympics added Judo competition for women.

In its original version, breakdowns by weight class played no part in the sport. It was believed that a skilled judoka using technique and skill would succeed over other competitors. Today Judo competition takes place in seven men's and seven women's weight classes.

Enjoy the Rich History of Judo

Please look through these pages and links to learn more about the sport of Judo, its history, and the many people who have enjoyed success partially because of the basic principles embodied in Judo and their dedication to succeed. We at the Goshinkan Judo Club look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Sensei Kelly

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